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Eight Ideas for 21st-Century Risk Managers

UPDATE (April, 2011): The full article (“Gifts of Sight“) is now online at Risk Professional magazine.  It is behind a pay wall, but email me and I’ll send you a personal copy. I was recently asked to explain some of the concepts I use in my research to a journalist interested in new developments in […]

Learning from children: strategy, tactics and games in times of rapid change

Are there lessons from how children learn that might help us adults, and the organisations we run, learn from turbulent environments and how to make better decisions in times of change? I have a 13 month old boy (pictured above, around 9 months old) and,  like all children, he is constantly learning and experimenting.  As […]

Overcoming cognitive bias in group decision-making

I just posted a short white paper, extracted from a larger work in progress, highlighting the need for participatory group techniques designed to overcome cognitive bias in group decision-making. Here is an excerpt: Climate change requires systemic understanding of linked cause and effect, remote in both time and space. Studies of human decision-making reveal several […]