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From Design Fiction to Experiential Futures

This is the second chapter I wrote for the book, “The Future of Futures“. It explores the role design fiction, experiential futures and visual media in foresight work.  It also includes several examples of good design fiction, which are formatted nicely in the original publication.  Download this chapter as a formatted PDF, here. I have […]

The Future of Public Services; Innovations in Online Scenario Planning, Part 2

The following mini-scenarios were created using the SenseMaker Suite Scenarios approach developed for my PhD with Dave Snowden and Wendy Schultz.   They were auto-aggregated using narrative fragments contributed by over 265 participants from around the world.  In other words, participants submitted stories of the future, tagged them, and then the system clustered them based […]

Emergent Futures Mapping with Futurescaper

Futurescaper is an online tool for making sense of the drivers, trends and forces that will shape the future.  As a user interface system, it still needs development.  As a tool for analyzing and understanding complex systems, it works very well and does something I have yet to see anything else be able to do.  […]

Three Innovations in Crowd Sourced Scenario Planning, Part 1

I’ve spent the better part of the last four years working on approaches to online scenario planning as part of my PhD. During this time I have designed and implemented three systems – each of which explored a different approach to crowd sourcing, engagement and online participation in futures work. I call these experiments in “large-scale participatory futures systems”.

How to Build a Collective Intelligence Platform to Crowdsource Almost Anything

The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence recently published an important overview of the theory and mechanisms behind successful crowdsourcing efforts. Their report, called “Harnessing Crowds: Mapping the Genome of Collective Intelligence“, can be found here.

Slides from my recent talk at MIT

I recently was back at MIT presenting some of my research on web-based techniques for collaborative foresight and online scenario planning.  Here are the slides from my presentation. The presentation starts with a general overview of scenario planning, then provides an example from some scenarios work I did with the Oxford Future of Cities Programme (in […]

Harnessing Collective Intelligence for Crowdsourced Scenario Planning

This presentation is about a proposed schema for online, participatory scenario planning systems using crowdsourced or “collective intelligence” approaches. It introduces theories of collective intelligence, complexity, and organizational learning in the context of uncertainty and scenario planning, and provides several examples.

Online Scenario Planning Results

A few weeks ago I issued a call for participation in an experiment in online scenario planning with colleagues Dave Snowden and Wendy Schultz.  The experiment was one of several which I am conducting for my PhD. I am still crunching the numbers but I thought readers would be interested in some early statistics on […]

Futurescaper: Call for participation and design

Calling all futures nerds, scenario planning hackers and Web 2.0 strategy activists I need your help developing Futurescaper, a large scale participatory futures system for next generation governance and strategy making. This is a high functioning art project designed to prototype key elements of a crowd-sourced scenario planning approach to urban governance and design.  The current […]

What next for scenario planning?

How are online tools and social media transforming the practice of scenario planning? Recently I have been interviewing a variety of high profile futurists and  up-and-coming strategists on how online approaches are transforming scenario planning and futures work. Although the questions have been largely open ended, conducted in person, over the phone and by email, […]