This is part of my recent LSE lecture on complexity strategies for change. In this segment I introduce Dave Snowden‘s Cynefin Framework of knowledge management, then adapt it to Gunderson and Holling’s resilience work on the Adaptive Change Cycle. The result is a new framework for strategy making in the context of different kinds of environmental change. I am meeting with Dave next week and very much look forward to discussing this with him.  Looking forward to your comments on this as well. ]]>

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  1. Hi Noah,
    I just got around to watching this for the first time (shame on me), and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I just taught Panarchies and Cynefin to my students at Duke University 2 weeks ago (though in a much less theoretical fashion, these were sophomores and juniors in high school). Even so, they were greatly impacted. And, I have a great love of combining theories and methodologies for better insight and futures thinking pathways, so I really admire the work you’ve done here!
    Frank Spencer

  2. Hi Frank,
    Many thanks for your kind words! It’s great to know that other like-minded researchers and futures practitioners are getting some value out of this. I know I’ve benefited immensely from countless others learning and thinking about these topics, so it is great to see the wheel keep on turning!
    Speaking of Panarchy did you get a chance to use the slide graphics I posted about recently? I need to update them but would love to know if they were of any user.
    Thanks again and hope to speak to you soon. Keep up the good work with KedgeForward.

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