Calling all futures nerds, scenario planning hackers and Web 2.0 strategy activists I need your help developing Futurescaper, a large scale participatory futures system for next generation governance and strategy making. This is a high functioning art project designed to prototype key elements of a crowd-sourced scenario planning approach to urban governance and design.  The current system is a custom PHP/MySQL build that works very well but isn’t scalable.  I am looking to upgrade this to a more industrial strength approach soon. Help is needed for web programming, Flash development, user experience design and beta-testing.  The system is based on this earlier mock-up, but has been significantly developed and improved since this video was produced. This project is being developed as an academic proof of concept, in collaboration with the International Futures Forum, the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and the IdeaHive.  It has already been attracting attention and interest from the British Ministry of Defense, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, DEFRA, and various other UK government agencies, so the potential for further development and paying work is high. This is your chance to donate your skills to help develop an exciting next generation approach to public participation, scenario planning and online futures systems. Please email Noah at nraford (at) mit (dot) edu or follow @nraford on Twitter for more details.]]>

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