I finished guest blogging at Dave Snowden’s Cognitive Edge site recently.  Go have a look and see what you think. So far I’ve blogged about:

  1. Foveal and Peripheral Vision Threats: What Kind of Threats Do We Face in the 21st Century?
  2. Learning to See the Unseen
  3. New Movement, New Mastery: Perceptual Dexterity in the 21st Century
  4. From One to Many: Egocentricity and Allocentricity in the Design of Collective Intelligence Systems
  5. Intersubjective Collective Intelligence Systems for Crisis Response
The general thrust of my posts related to new ways of perceiving threat and opportunity in the 21st Century and new ways of interacting in communities struggling with complex, emergent challenges and dilemmas. I wrapped with a discussion of the future of human computation and my vision for what a 21st Century Social Consultancy might look like.  Would love to hear your thoughts.
Fun stuff, and thanks to Dave for the invite.

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