I was just listing to an old DJ mix I did with Bruce Sterling as part of my NerdHouse Podcast. It’s from his famous Reboot 11 closing speech back in 2010. The speech is full of crushing lines, but the following ones really made me smile.

Here is what the future looks like for your generation:
  • no money
  • scarcity
  • financial collapse
  • collapsed states
  • general precarity
  • an energy crisis
  • low intensity global warfare
  • a rapidly advanced climate crisis
Sterling calls this condition “a transition to nowhere”.
It’s like a leap into the unknown. You’re falling toward earth at 900 kilometres an hour and then you realize there’s no earth there. We’re moving towards a situation with Generation X’ers in power… in a depression. And it’s a depression where people are afraid of the sky. That is what the next decade is going to look like, and you’re going to live there.
Thanks Bruce!  I feel awesome!

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