I recently moved to Dubai, where I snapped this shot this morning.

Rolling fog in Dubai this morning looking beautiful #SciFi http://yfrog.com/h7ql5kqj
Soon Chris Nelder and Alexis Madrigal picked it up, which led to over 60 RT’s and coverage in The Atlantic and Gizmodo.  Alexis said,
Wow. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a city look more like “the future” than this one at this moment.
The guys at Curbed even asked, “Is this the coolest shot of Dubai ever taken?”  (The answer must surely be “no”; a quick Google search yields some amazing results, there is a Flickr set dedicated to Dubai in the Fog and these videos have got to be more impressive) Things got fun when the conversation took a turn for the Star Wars (thanks in part to Justin Pickard‘s Coruscant reference).  Sam Biddle even entitled his Gizmodo post, “Dubai is Star Wars“, which immediately reminded me of the Dark Lens series by Cedric Delsaux.  Rahel Aima from Brownbook and Ahmad Makia tipped me off to these amazing prints through a gallery exhibition they helped put together in London, called Dubai Futures. The Dubai / Star Wars comparison is a good one, especially at night.  There is an entire stretch of partially completed skyscrapers along the main highway, which loom, menacingly, at night.  They are not lit, but yet their dark bulk and strange shapes blot out the light from surrounding cranes and more fortunate construction projects.  These dead hulks reminded me of ancient starships, long dormant, just waiting to topple or be reactivated.  It is an amazing experience, which I don’t think I’ll be able to do justice with a photograph. Below are a few more images from the Dark Lens series, which I highly recommended. CedricDelsaux-DarkLens-02 Archdezart-Cedric-Delsaux_02 Archdezart-Cedric-Delsaux_22


The fog was less intense this morning, but I got a few equally sci-fi shots, but from the ground this time.  That is the Metro in the foreground, not a particle accelerator, BTW. ]]>

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