After my LIFT 13 talk, I gave another fun talk about the future,hope and fear, and “game changing events” at LOGIN 2013 (in Vilnius, Lithuania). Summary The organisers asked me to speak about “Game Changers in Politics”, as gaming changing was the theme of the event. I borrowed a trick from Jamais Cascio and opened the talk with the story of amazing changes in society and government, all of which seemed totally outrageous and impossible.  But all of which actually happened. Then I gave a brief tour of some of the amazing things that are already transforming things at our doorstep, including:

I ended with a page from Graham Leicester and Maureen O’Hara’s book “Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century“, and discussed the psychological responses we all have to these kinds of massive change. My hope was to inspire the audience to ride the wave of change we’re all likely to see in our loves and, judging by the audience poll afterwards, I guess I did a pretty decent job. Reflection I was a bit breathless in this one since I was doing jumping jacks off stage before I went on.  But the talk was really fun and some of the other speakers at the event were incredible (including Steve “Woz” Wozniak, Max Stern, my old friend from Lift 13, Pieter van Boheeman on synthetic bio and hacking life, and Bas Lansdorp from the Mars-One project, etc.).  The performance before and after the event by Onyx Ashanti blew my mind (check him out if you haven’t already. Truly 21st century stuff). Thanks again to all the wonderful LOGIN people for hosting me and showing me around Vilnius (where it turns out I have some very old relatives). Thanks especially to Antonin for finding the video of the talk, Vaidoais for his generous invitation, and Ieva for her wonderful care in hosting me.   The Didžkukuliai was awesome.]]>

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