I love the chance to give a long form talk about the major trends shaping our future, then bringing this back home to imagine how cities and countries can engage with them to create a better world. Last May, 2017 I had the chance to go back to my home town of Denver, Colorado to keynote a major conference for companies interested in the future of technology and global social change. It was a joy to discuss this in my home town and I’m grateful to the government of Denver for giving me the opportunity to share these ideas. The talk explores the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, climate change, and biology. It gives a great background on the history of Dubai and the UAE and how Dubai is embracing these changes to help position itself to take advantage of these trends. It also covers some views on the “visionary state”, the role of government in facilitating positive change, and the challenges and exciting opportunities that this work provides. I love this talk because it’s a great overview of the work we get to do at the Dubai Future Foundation and how the methods and techniques we use can be adapted to other environments.]]>

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